8 Helpful Barn Wedding Tips

So you've decided you want a barn wedding.
And you've found the perfect location. (Emma Creek Barn in Kansas, right?)

Planning can be so fun! Here are some ideas:

- Let your guests know that it's in the country. Include something in your invitations like "wear outdoor friendly shoes". You don't want ladies teetering around on heels, hitting potholes in the yard. Or consider providing a basket of flip flops for people to slip on.

- When in Rome, do as the Romans. Or in this case - When in the country, do as the country folk! If rain happens to occur on your wedding day, celebrate it! Watch the forecast building up to your big day. If it looks like rain, have a great umbrella on hand as a photo prop!

- If the ceremony is planned for outdoors, have a back up plan. In the case of Emma Creek Barn, it's simple enough to just move the ceremony indoors, even at the last minute!

- Bathrooms. Some barns don't have facilities at all. Emma Creek Barn has 2, one for men and one for ladies. If you're anticipating 200 or more guests, it might be a decent idea to rent one or two to put on site. They can be hidden so they're not visible from the ceremony or an eyesore to guests. But if someone's gotta go, they've gotta go!

- Anticipate an outdoor environment. This seems obvious enough, but it's something that can be easily overlooked. Expect dirt. Dirt roads create dust. Brides dresses will get dirty on the bottom. A barn is not a completely pristine environment. Wind will blow leaves through the air. Flying critters may be around: sit out citronella candles to help keep mosquitoes at bay.

- Consider the comfort of the guests. If your wedding is in the middle of summer, consider bringing large fans. Provide hand held fans to guests to use during the ceremony. You can even print your wedding program on these. Provide sunglasses if needed. If cool weather is expected, have a basket full of throw blankets for the guests to snuggle under. If guests are allergic to hay, skip the hay bales.

- Think about lighting. Emma Creek Barn is beautifully lit indoors and outdoors, and shows exceptionally well at night. But you can add even more party lights, lanterns, or a chandelier if desired. The country can get very dark at night so consider supplemental lighting to help your guests get back to their cars. This could be a basket of flashlights that each person can grab as they leave. It could be a designated usher with a lantern.

- Relax! Don't stress out too much over the details. A country wedding allows for a casual atmosphere. Use sticks, tall grasses, and weeds from the yard to add to your florals. Gather wildflowers from the side of the road. Have some yard games for the guests like a vintage croquet set or bean bag toss. Embrace God's natural handiwork! Sure, you can add bits and pieces, let those be a whisper; let the rustic look do the talking. At the end of the day, as long as your married, that's the most important thing!

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  1. Beautifully written and as a wedding photographer I give this a hearty< AMEN! :)


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